Spotlight on a Sponsor: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Karen and her husband Ron have two children – Julia (25) and Alex (20).  For the past 20 years, the family has called Central Gardens home; they are pictured in the living room of their 105-year old residence below. Karen and Ron, both educators, chose Central Gardens for its location - close to their workplaces, as well being convenient to their church parish, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. As an added bonus, Karen notes that Central Gardens has been a wonderful, safe community to raise their two children, with its historic ambiance and active lifestyle perks, such as the bike lanes.

Karen is currently the principal at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School (ICCS), but she was an ICCS parent first - Julia and Alex are both ICCS graduates, and she and Ron became IC parishioners in 1997. With 25 years of teaching experience in Memphis City Schools and firsthand knowledge of the ICCS community, Karen was a welcome addition to the school in 2010.

When asked why she supports the Central Gardens Association, Karen answered that supporting CGA helps to ensure that the neighborhood retains its specialness while it evolves to continue meeting the residents’ needs. Karen also advocates for the Home Tour, because it provides an opportunity for the broader community to observe the beauty and charm of Central Gardens that we as residents are fortunate to experience every day. Perhaps, she ponders, some visitors might even consider making CG their next home. “I would tell someone moving to Midtown to strongly consider investing in a Central Gardens home for the uniqueness of modern living mixed with historic charm,” says Karen. For families with children, she also considers ICCS, with its new Early Childhood Center and innovative curriculum, a draw to the neighborhood.