Sponsor Spotlight: Commercial Bank and Trust Company

Mandy Chatellier, her two children, Hannah (12) and Sam (9), and a two-year-old rescue from Streetdog, Savannah, have been residents of Central Gardens for 11 years.  Mandy loves so many things about living in Central Gardens.  She enjoys the history – musing that every house, every porch, every crack in the wall, tells a story, as do our trees.  She beams, “It’s a beautiful neighborhood rich with history, diversity, and a strong sense of community.” 

But, why was Mandy initially drawn to CG?  Her answer is simply “location, location, location.”  She’s close to her office, Commercial Bank & Trust, where’s she’s vice president, and her children’s schools, as well as the family’s favorite places – Levitt Shell, Overton Park, Memphis Zoo, bike paths, Tiger Lane, a multitude of tasty restaurants (some with great patios), and downtown’s perks.  It’s also the perfect neighborhood for family walks.  She routinely sees something on a home or in a yard that she’s never noticed before – so many beautiful details. 

Mandy supports the Central Gardens Association, because she feels strongly that it’s key to the integrity of our community.  Support, discussion, and general awareness of the good and the conflict we are facing are important components of sustainability and overall happiness.  She believes the home tour, in particular, is a great way of showcasing the CG sense of community and of introducing families from all across the Greater Memphis area (and beyond perhaps) to our terrific neighborhood, so they can understand why CGers never want to leave!  

As a self-appointed ambassador for Central Gardens, Mandy advises anyone looking for a new home to consider our neighborhood, as it has something to offer everyone - single, married, kids or no kids, young or retired, introvert or extrovert.  She’s certain everyone can feel at home in CG.