CGA Safety Committee Update

CGA Safety Committee Update

This month the update is focusing on three areas; Cameras, Alley lighting, and Neighborhood Watch Association (NWA) inventory.


We started with an inventory of our neighborhood to understand the various locations cameras would be ideal.  On the exterior of CGA there are approximately 38 entry points via street, there are an additional 11 entry points via alleys.  In the interior of CGA there are 82 street intersections and 41 alley intersections. This brings the total to 172 different street/alley locations that could have a camera installed.  

As you can imagine, that is a lot of cameras and the focus group working with the safety committee agreed to approach this undertaking with a more specific approach.  Also, in meeting with the local police from Crump station, we were advised that monitored video is best when it is inside or directly outside of a home and on street locations are fine to have recorded loops that can be accessed after a crime occurs.  We are looking at the following points as steps to installing a network of video recording devices:

  1. High visibility entry points such as Cleveland and Peabody or Willett and York have blue light lit Skycop or Skycop equivalents.

  2. High volume N/S and E/W thoroughfares install license plate reading equipment at primary intersections.

  3. Remaining intersections install Reolink style cameras without license plate reading capability.

  4. Work with contractors to develop a CGA discounted camera package for people to use as homes that could also point toward streets.

  5. Canvas current residents that have cameras and would be happy to share in case of any incident.

  6. Create a map so we can know which camera/whose camera to access in case of any crime.

We are currently working with professionals that live in the neighborhood to develop a mix of the best and most cost-effective equipment and will be setting a timeline soon based on budget and resources.

Alley Lighting

One of our biggest challenges is the network of alleys that run through our neighborhood.  There are over 30 alleys that allow ingress and egress with minimal visibility to neighbors.  Some of these alleys have lights that currently work, and some have lights that used to work and are now either in need of repair or homeowners have stopped paying for the use.  There are other sections that do not have any lighting on poles and rely solely on lights that may be on back houses or garages.

The Safety Committee strongly believes a focused effort to clean up overgrown areas and provide proper lighting will help reduce criminal activity.

To help facilitate this process, we have begun pricing options with MLGW for the Lease a Light program and are currently canvasing the alleys to see where the opportunities specifically exist.  Some homeowners love the older sodium lighting that shines in their backyard and others have asked for something that shines down directly on the alley to eliminate “light wash” in back windows of homes.  We will soon be sharing the results with residents adjacent to these alleys and discussing solutions to move forward to our mutual goal.


Neighborhood Watch Associations

Many of the CGA residents are current or former members of NWA on your street.  We are currently asking that all active and former groups reach out to the Safety Committee, so we can use these connections as a vehicle to help communicate projects such as cameras and alley lights.  Please feel free to email Nancy Knight so we can inventory these current and former groups. ([email protected]).