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A Message From the CGA President

Dear Neighbors:

As the holiday season and calendar year-end are quickly approaching, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our neighborhood.  I often walk around our streets and am in constant awe of the beauty in which I’m enveloped. The historic architecture, the verdant landscapes, the stately trees all of which are lovingly maintained by caring neighbors.  And speaking of neighbors, I believe that we have some of the best neighbors in the city right here in Central Gardens. As president of Central Gardens Association, I have had the honor and pleasure to meet many of you and can honestly say that you are ‘the cream of the crop’.  From your average Joe to movers and shakers, we are all here and we have a common goal…to keep our neighborhood beautiful and safe for each other.

However, there is a dark side to our neighborhood as well.  This is a side that gets attention when unpleasant incidents occur.  Crime, derelict homes, overgrown yards, unpassable alleys, inadequate lighting, speeding cars are all symptoms that indicate we still have a lot of work to do to keep our neighborhood safe and beautiful.  

The Central Gardens Association is your central advocate for maintaining the neighborhood’s integrity, safety & beauty.  This team of 30+ individuals (CGA Board of Directors) spends thousands of volunteer hours to research and orchestrate projects and events that add to the integrity, safety, beauty and community of our neighborhood.  Some of our recent accomplishments include:

  • Sidewalk replacements

  • Median maintenance

  • Arboretum recertification

  • 2018 Home Tour

  • July 4th parade

  • Landmarks protections

  • New Neighbor Meet & Greet

I cannot thank the Board of Directors enough for the work that they are doing.  But in addition to this team of dedicated volunteers, we need you. We need your time and financial support to accomplish the goals that we have set.  Without each of you working with us, we can only be half as effective. We have several levels of membership in CGA, each of which comes with tiered benefits.

  • President’s Circle - $200 ($16.67/mo, $3.85/wk) – Includes 4 Home Tour tickets ($80 value) & 2 invitations to the homeowners’ party following the annual home tour.

  • Founder’s Club - $125 ($10.42/mo, $2.40/wk) – Includes 4 Home Tour tickets ($80 value)

  • Neighbor - $75 ($6.25/mo, $1.44/wk) – Includes 2 Home Tour tickets ($40 value)

  • Friend - $35 ($2.92/mo, $0.67/wk)

  • Retired - $15 ($1.25/mo, $0.29/wk)

Given the prestige with which our neighborhood is recognized, and the amazing work that is volunteered on a daily basis, I believe that we have the absolute best deal in town.  For less than $20/month, you can contribute at the highest level to help maintain the integrity, safety & beauty of your neighborhood, which in turn helps to keep your property value high.  

We also have several committees/projects that depend on volunteers to make the wheels turn.  

  • Safety

  • Alleys

  • Arboretum

  • Wreath hanging

  • Home Tour

  • July 4th parade

Click on the ‘Get Involved’ button at the website and let us know that you are interested in helping.  If you have ever started a sentence with, “We should…”, then you have a venue in which to get something done.

So, as we enter the holiday season and wrap up this calendar year, think of how you can demonstratively improve your neighborhood by either contributing financially or by volunteering your time.  Then do something about it and let’s keep Central Gardens the beautiful and safe environment its founders intended many years ago.


Eddie Hutchison

1736 York Avenue


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