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A Message From the CGA President

Dear Neighbors:

Our neighborhood is an idyllic oasis full of tall trees, lush landscapes, flowers so vibrant that you can almost feel the colors, and homes from a time when architecture was often simple, yet elegant.  The time…does it really matter? People are resting on their porches, walking with their children and pets, riding bikes and scooters, and you hear echoes of laughter and joy all around. As evening approaches, gentle lighting floods the yards and streets in a golden shower.  There is a feeling of relaxed warmth as neighbors enjoy each other and their environment with peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

The description above, I believe, is the paradise where most of us want to live.  Unfortunately, the time is now, and though we have many of the luxuries listed, our security is in constant jeopardy.  The incidence of crimes in our neighborhood has been a steady state for years to which we have grown somewhat accustomed and even lackadaisical at times.  However, as of late the MPD reports that the crime rate is increasing, and though they are capturing some of the culprits, the rate is staying higher than usual.  Though most of these crimes are thefts, there have also been a few violent crimes reported.

When crimes are new and threatening, we are on edge for a while and want something to be done, but after a while the edge wears dull and we become complacent again.  Unfortunately in order to cope with day-to-day life, we slowly forget how violated we felt and it just doesn’t seem as important anymore. However, in order to make our community safer, we need to keep that edge of alertness and work together to develop an infrastructure of security and safety.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just delegate this task to someone else and go about our daily lives? Again, unfortunately that is not the case for us. No one person or group has all of the resources needed to ensure a safe community. We all have to work together and contribute to the cause.  “How can I contribute?” you ask. Well here is a list to get you started.

  • Light your home and yard.  Lighting can enhance your home as well as make it safer.

  • Keep landscaping trimmed as to now allow hiding places.

  • Keep alleys clean and well-lit.

  • Keep doors locked both on your home and car.

  • Get a dog (love it dearly).

  • Install an alarm system.

  • Place surveillance cameras around your home.

  • Contract with Phelps security to monitor your home.

  • Keep items out of your car (or well hidden) that will attract thieves.  “Stow it, don’t show it!”

  • Know your neighbors and their habits.

  • Form a Neighborhood watch on your block.

  • Develop a contact list of neighborhood emergency contacts.

  • Get outside and walk around your neighborhood.  The more outside activity is observed by would-be criminals, the less likely they are to hang around.

  • Don’t walk around with valuable items, including cell phones.

  • If you see something unusual or suspicious, report it to MPD and/or Phelps.

  • Report every crime to MPD.

  • Attend the Neighborhood Watch meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Crump MPD Precinct.

  • Notify MPD and/or Phelps when you are on vacation.

  • Have a neighbor get your mail and paper deliveries when you are on vacation.

  • Attend CGA Safety committee meetings.

  • Attend the Citizens Police Academy.

I remember a time in my childhood when we left home without locking the doors on our homes or cars, and we played all over the neighborhood and my parents didn’t have a clue where we were.  Today we lock our doors even when we are at home and our children cannot leave the yard without parental supervision. Though I don’t think that we will ever go back to not locking doors, I do believe that we can make our community safer for all of us by coming together and doing what needs to be done.  Please click the link below and let us know how you will become involved in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure. I wish you a very merry and safe holiday season!

Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions related to safety in Central Gardens here.


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