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A Message From the CGA President March 2019

Dear Neighbors:

I’ve heard people refer to our neighborhood as a ‘gem’ in the city.  I love the imagery that brings to mind - Images of beauty, color, brilliance, luster, durability & diversity. Precious gems are of great value, especially if they are rare. They are often highlighted in beautiful jewelry settings, and provide special significance to rings, necklaces, crowns and scepters just to name a few places of honor.  If we have the fortune to own a precious gem, we protect it from theft and from grit and grime due to its beauty and value. However, when a gem is first mined, its inherent beauty is hidden. It’s not until an expert jeweler studies it, cuts it and grinds and polishes it that its true beauty is revealed.  It is then that light dances on the many facets on the surface creating a thing of beauty.


Think of our neighborhood as a large gem that consists of many smaller gems – our homes.  Many years ago it was mined out of the land, designed and built by experts with purpose, and polished with paint and landscaping to create a unique setting and place of honor in the city.  Today the variety of architecture, streets and alleys creates multifaceted diversity to enjoy. Gorgeous colors abound in yards with strategically placed flowers, shrubs & mature trees providing brilliance and luster.  The historic character of our homes is a unique quality contributing to our rarity in the city, and gives credence to the durability of our homes and our neighborhood. Our level three arboretum status adds to our rarity and beauty.  All of these characteristics create a precious gem of great value in our city.


However, many gems have flaws in them called inclusions that may diminish their value.  The more inclusions, the less valuable the gem. Though the inclusions in a gem cannot be eliminated, an expert jeweler can minimize their interference with the brilliance of the gem by the way it is cut and polished.  Likewise, our neighborhood has flaws, most of which are inherent with its age, but many of which can be minimized by proper care. Replacing rotting wood and a little paint here and there is like polishing a gem to bring back the brilliance.  Maintaining neat and beautiful landscaping supports a setting that gives honor to a home’s unique character. Sustaining sidewalks, medians, signage, alleys, fences and lighting all contribute to the neighborhood’s luster.


As we focus on the pillar of Greenspaces and Infrastructure this month, take time to observe your home and property for areas in need of polishing.  Some polishing may require the work of a professional, but a lot of polishing can be done by you at very little cost. So now that it is getting nicer to be outside, get those yard tools out of storage and a couple cans of paint and let’s start polishing our gems.  If you know of a neighbor in need of help, get together with other able neighbors and have an old-fashioned polishing party. All of us working together can keep our gems (the small ones and the big one) shining for generations to come.


Eddie Hutchison

1736 York Ave






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