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Overton Park/Memphis Zoo Parking Update

Central Gardens Association is a member of the Overton Park Alliance (OPA), which is charged with speaking with one voice for solutions to the parking issues in Overton Park and the Greensward. Central Gardeners use the park as our neighborhood park; we want to keep you updated with the construction plans. 

Work on the solution over parking on the Overton Park Greensward will begin soon. The City has chosen Montgomery Martin Contractors to begin construction on the phased project. As early as March, crews will begin working to construct the planned design on the Prentiss Place lot. Work on the main parking lot, which includes a berm to separate the sight of parked cars from the Greensward, is planned to begin in winter 2019. The phased approach is for two reasons: 1) to allow for the tree transplanting called for in the design to take place, as trees are best transplanted in the winter and not in the warmer months, and 2) to best accommodate peak usage of the main lot during warmer months.

When implementation of this parking solution is complete, parking will permanently end on the Greensward. The parking solution came from Mayor Jim Strickland’s 2016 initiative to end the decades-long conflict with a compromise plan. It was agreed to by both the Memphis Zoo and the Overton Park Conservancy. A public process that included an advisory committee of Zoo and park stakeholders - including the OPA - helped craft the design, which Mayor Strickland approved in April.

Project Concept Map

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