Central Gardens Arboretum is Re-certified

Have you ever walked in the neighborhood and noticed plaques on the trees with Latin names? If so, it is because Central Gardens is a Level III Arboretum. In fact, Central Gardens is one of the few neighborhoods in the entire country to have the distinction of being a neighborhood Arboretum.

“An arboretum (plural: arboreta) in a general sense is a botanical collection composed exclusively of trees. More commonly a modern arboretum is a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants and is intended at least in part for scientific study.” Central Gardens is indeed lucky to be certified as such. A certification of a level three is characterized by 90 different species of trees labeled. All labels must have botanical names (in italics of underscored) and common names. Other descriptive information is not required. Additionally, a pamphlet or map showing the locations of the trees must be available for self- guided tours. 

Together, the roughly 100+ species of trees within the 511 acres of Central Gardens’ boundaries make the neighborhood a certified Arboretum. 2018 marked the neighborhood’s tenth anniversary of this distinguished status and re-certification is required every 3 years. Earlier this year, the association received confirmation from the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council that our status was once again approved.

Walking tours are available on the Central Gardens App. Find out about the app here.