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Benefit Picnic

The citizens of Midtown will be coming together to Support Those Who Support Us.   Bring your picnic lunch and join us on the greensward in Overton Park on Sunday, July 30th. We will be accepting tax deductible donations for the Midtown Fire Stations. 

The Honorees:  CGA Board Member, Carla Balch, visited Station 11 on Union and met with Lt. Lou McDevitt and a couple firemen. "They were so touched that the neighbors care this much."  There are 5 stations in Batallion #6, all of which serve Central Gardens:  Union #11, East Parkway #13, University #18 (oldest in city), Lamar @ Parkway #16, and Lamar @ Prescott/240 #22.  This fundraiser will benefit all of Batallion #6.

When asked what we can do for them (all of them, not just the ones who had things stolen):

  1. They LOVE to cook and eat.  They cook for 8 -10 men per shift and split the cost of the groceries  IDEA:  Grocery gift cards
  2. They LOVE BBQ and banana pudding.  Idea: Donations or arrangements to cover 1-2 meals a month delivered from a great local restaurant with a note "Love, Midtown Residents"
  3. The laptops that were stolen have been replaced by donated laptops.  
  4. Lt. McDevitt doesn't know if the stolen mountain bike has been replaced.

The Lt. was very specific that ALL the firefighters on all 3 shifts really love their jobs, and especially working together. They are friends and stay over extra time off the clock just to hang out with each other.  He said that is very unique and firefighters try to get into Batallion 6 and Station 11 specifically. The firefighters LOVE coming to community events. 

They would love to bring a truck, especially if kids are there. So bring your family!

July 7, 2017 MEMPHIS, Tenn.

Midtown firefighters woke up to find themselves the victims of crime.

According to a police report, the firemen went on a call late Tuesday evening. When they returned around midnight, they secured the building and went to bed.

At 6:30 a.m.,  the group woke up to discover a window wide open and some of their personal items missing.

Somehow the suspects were able to get away with a Cannondale mountain bike, two laptops, headphones, a backpack, two wallets, two cell phones, cash, one of the victim’s driver’s license, a Social Security card, and two credit cards.

In all, the suspects got away with more than $5,000 in stolen goods.

To make matters worse, when one of the victims reported his credit card was stolen, he was told the crook had already charged $1,000  in West Memphis, Arkansas.

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