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A New Carriage House Not for Carriages

Emily and Ben Graham have lived in Central Gardens for 5 years in a beautiful, historic home built in the 1920’s on Harbert Ave. For many people in Central Gardens, the need for additional space is varied. In their case, they wanted to create a place for their parents to stay when they visit from Nebraska. Both sets of parents retire in the next few years and want to spend more time with their grandchildren and having a dedicated space would allow them to visit in month-long chunks. With this purpose in mind, Emily and Ben decided to build a detached structure that could function as its own living space.

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Central Gardens Arboretum is Re-certified

Have you ever walked in the neighborhood and noticed plaques on the trees with Latin names? If so, it is because Central Gardens is a Level III Arboretum. In fact, Central Gardens is one of the few neighborhoods in the entire country to have the distinction of being a neighborhood arboretum.

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Memphis Police Department Closes Nine Precincts to the Public

Memphis Police Department has closed its nine precincts to the public in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Secure Mail Packages

The CGA Safety Committee would also ask, especially with the holiday season upon us, that you take current and future efforts to secure your mail packages. We’ve already seen an increase in stolen package updates on Nextdoor. Here are a few suggestions that will help:

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CGA Safety Committee Looking for "Block Captains"

Thank you to Will Hudson for stepping up to become our new Safety Committee Chair. Will was instrumental in organizing the recent CGA Safety Meeting at the University Club in August. It was a very informative meeting with experts in safety and security present to answer neighbors’ questions. Will is excited about leading the committee and you can expect to hear an increase in the number of updates and notifications. Also, he will be reaching out for your help!

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Trick-or-Treating in Central Gardens is a Real Treat

For many young people in Memphis, Central Gardens represents a world many have not experienced before. With it’s historic architecture, sidewalks, landscaped lawns and old growth trees, Central Gardens is particularly suited to invoke a spooky atmosphere.

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Anatomy of a Central Gardens Home Tour 2019

Last week’s Central Gardens Association Home Tour, which took place on Sunday, September 8, was an overwhelming success. Established in 1976, this annual event attracts attendees from all over Memphis and the Mid-South to tour a selection of our historic homes and has remained Central Gardens Association’s main fundraising event for 43 years.

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Crime & Safety Update from Central Gardens Association President September 2019

With Midtown and Central Gardens’ close proximity to the more unfortunate areas of Memphis immediately to our south, our affluent Central Gardens neighborhood has since the 1970s been a target for robberies, break-ins and theft.

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Quarterly Clinic on Renewables

The Central Gardnes Landmarks committee hosted a Quarterly Clinic on renewables. Residents learned basic strategies for reducing energy costs, renewable energy sources such as solar power, and how they work together. The Central Gardens updated Landmarks Design guidelines includes new opportunities for using renewable energy sources in our historical district.

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Back to School In Central Gardens

Besides the beautiful historic homes, Central Gardens also has churches and schools within its borders. It may feel like the height of summer, but a new school year is just around the corner. This month, CGA would like to highlight our neighborhood schools.

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A House And A City Council At Odds With History, Part II

“We're completely outraged…” It was the summer of 1992. For Midtowners who had quietly filed out of council chambers after a July 28 meeting at City Hall, it would turn out to be a long summer and fall that would carry over into a still longer - and controversial - winter and spring of discontent that made headlines for the better part of a year.

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Painted Shut Windows! Oh my!

The Spring Architectural Design Guidelines Clinic held on April 9th was a true “how to” clinic. Neighbors came prepared to discuss their upcoming renovation projects. To answer their questions, we had two architects, Chooch Pickard and Central Garden’s Keith Kays. We also had a preservationist, Margot Payne, who is the assistant Director of Memphis Heritage and a Central Gardens neighbor. These experts cleared up questions and offered recommendations on design, materials and the approval process. One area of interest was windows. Painted shut windows seems to be a widespread issue in the neighborhood. There is a way to hold onto your historic windows therefore adding value to your home. There are also new products on the market that may provide better insulation at a better price and, look more like wood than ever before. We plan on having a workshop on this topic soon. Remember, Living in an historic neighborhood such as Central Gardens brings special responsibilities as well as rewards.

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The CGA Landmarks Committee is here to help!

The committee consists of designers, architects and city planners, all volunteers who can help you get started with your renovation or restoration. The committee will help you establish an appropriate direction for the design and avoid planning efforts that later may prove inappropriate and costly when submitting your application to the Memphis Landmarks Commission. Included in the article is an easy 4-step process to help you navigate through the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) process for your renovation or restoration.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Commercial Bank and Trust Company

Mandy Chatellier, her two children, Hannah (12) and Sam (9), and a two-year-old rescue from Streetdog, Savannah, have been residents of Central Gardens for 11 years. Mandy loves so many things about living in Central Gardens. She enjoys the history – musing that every house, every porch, every crack in the wall, tells a story, as do our trees. She beams, “It’s a beautiful neighborhood rich with history, diversity, and a strong sense of community.”

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Next DGs Quarterly Clinic

Register for our second Design Guidelines Quarterly Clinic on Monday, April  9 at 6:15 pm at the University Club Board Room.

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Bike Lanes Coming to Peabody

On a Tuesday evening, February 6, in the cafeteria of Idlewild Elementary School, Nicholas Oyler of the city’s Bike/Ped Memphis program unveiled a city-funded plan to resurface Peabody Avenue and to re-stripe the avenue to accommodate bike lanes.

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Central High School

Great things are happening at our neighborhood public high school, Central (THE) High School. CHS has recently received a wonderful commitment to improve the academic programs and aesthetics of the 106 year old building.

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This Gracious Neighborhood

As a follow-up to both the Neighborhood Improvement Plan and the establishment of the Memphis Landmarks Commission in 1975, the city embarked on a survey of Memphis neighborhoods. This survey included the 500-plus acres of Central Gardens, and the survey was an important reference in the eligibility determination in the neighborhood's application for a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Spotlight on a Sponsor: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Karen and her husband Ron have two children – Julia (25) and Alex (20).  For the past 20 years, the family has called Central Gardens home; they are pictured in the living room of their 105-year old residence below. Karen and Ron, both educators, chose Central Gardens for its location - close to their workplaces, as well being convenient to their church parish, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  As an added bonus, Karen notes that Central Gardens has been a wonderful, safe community to raise their two children, with its historic ambiance and active lifestyle perks, such as the bike lanes.

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