Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalks are an important asset for our neighborhood. AND, neighbors identified "walkability" as an important feature of our neighborhood. Did you know that maintaining sidewalks is the responsibility of private homeowners? While the city may address things like curbs, gutters, wheelchair ramps, drains and issues caused by utility poles or signs, keeping the sidewalk itself in good repair and free from obstacles is the responsibility of the adjacent home owner. 

City of Memphis guide to sidewalk maintenance and repair- click here---

This brochure is meant to provide you with some basic information to help assess whether your sidewalk is in need of any repairs. The brochure also instructs you on how to get started on your repairs-- the right way! For example: You can choose any contractor you prefer, but they must be properly bonded for concrete sidewalk work and permitted with the city to ensure proper installation. Click here for an approve list of contractors that frequently do work in Central Gardens. 

You can also call with questions to 311 or the City of Memphis Division of Engineering's Sidewalk's Department at 901-636-2462.

CGA team of Volunteers launching sidewalks initiative!

As a part of the 2016 Neighborhood Plan, a team of neighbors have come together to work on the issue of Sidewalks. The plan for this year is to: 

  1. identify the extent of sidewalk disrepair in the neighborhood
  2. educate neighbors about how to maintain and repair sidewalks
  3. potentially identify funding opportunities (grants, group pricing, etc.)

If you are interested in joining this group of volunteers, please contact Robbie Johnson Weinberg at  


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