The working committees within these pillars include members of the CGA Board of Directors and other community representatives. We are always looking for volunteers to serve on CGA committees; you do not have to be a board member to join. Contact the chair of the committee that interests you or, volunteer to serve on a committee by filling out the form here.

Green Spaces & Infrastructure

This pillar is responsible for ensuring the historic nature and beauty of the neighborhood. This objective is achieved through management of our tree replacement program and facilitation of community action projects for alleys, sidewalks, medians, etc.  Ben Graham - Chair


  • Arboretum & Trees

    • Responsible for maintaining the Level III Accreditation for the Arboretum.

    • Manages, publicizes and implements the tree planting program.

    • Develop plan to maintain tree canopy as well as 90+ species of trees for Arboretum

  • Sidewalks & Alleys

    • Capture and Update Sidewalk Inventory from 2017

    • Reactivate Program for notifying owners of sidewalk responsibility/needs

    • Activated second alley with motion lights

  • Beautification (Medians, Signs & Tiles)

    • Engage with Herbi-systems for median spraying

    • Ensure median trees are trimmed properly

    • Inventory/Assess Perimeter Signage 

    • Add Artisan tiles to street corners

  • Holiday Wreath Hanging

    • Responsible for organizing and hanging holiday wreaths throughout the neighborhood as well as taking wreaths down, storage, maintenance and repair of wreaths. 

    Community Building & Events

    This pillar is responsible for increasing connections through neighborhood-wide events. Kat Schwartz - Chair


    • Annual Meeting

      • Responsible for planning and executing the Association’s Annual Meeting in May.

      • Works with President, Treasurer, Pillar Chairs and Project Manager to compile a Power Point presentation that reviews the year’s activities.

      • Works with communications team to market event through e-news and signage.

      • Provides venue, keynote speaker, refreshments.

      • Works with Membership, Safety/Phelps and Merchandise Committees to promote these activities at event

      • Vote on new Executive Team, Board Members, thank retiring board members, past President

    • July 4th Celebration

      • Responsible for planning and executing this popular, 30 year old social event on a Central Gardens street (started on Carr Ave., now moving throughout the neighborhood).

      • Supplies free refreshments, traditionally hot dogs and beverages, Oscar Meyer Mobile has been featured in past years.

      • Traditionally has included children’s and pet parades including music and door prizes.

      • Can include police, fire department, Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile as part of entertainment at the gathering.

      • 500+ flags available to be placed at venue or around the neighborhood celebrating July 4th.

    • Home & Garden Tour

      • Annual event since 1976, and is CGA’s primary fund-raising activity through ads, sponsorships & ticket sales.

      • Responsible for planning & coordinating all aspects of the event which includes: finding 6 Central Gardens homes, historical research, securing docents to tour each home, ticket sales, flowers, home tour brochure, tour set-up & take-down.

      • All advertising & publicity, which includes a digital brochure that includes historical home information as well as ads from tour supporters. Goal is ticket sales of 1000+ people.

      • All CGA Board members volunteer for home tour, but need as many as 80 volunteers for this huge event. Thus, must reach out to neighborhood/community to find volunteers.

      • Execute celebratory party after the event, includes party home, refreshments & entertainment. 

      • President’s Circle contributors, sponsors, advertisers, board members invited to this party. 

    • Wreath Run 5K

      • Inaugural event slated to take place on Sunday, November 19

      • Committee determining a realistic, executable neighborhood event that would focus on community building with CGA neighbors and raise the profile of the association.

    Stewardship & Preservation

    This pillar is tasked with organizing and developing relationships between Central Gardens and other neighborhoods, schools, retail, and other organizations around common issues. Shelly Rainwater - Chair

    • Safety

      • Works with Communications & Membership Committees to promote & facilitate subscription to a private security patrol, Phelps, minimally maintaining a 400+ membership to support 1 car, 24 hours, 7 days a week patrol.

      • Promotes safety efforts via regularly scheduled neighborhood meetings to disseminate safety tips to residents from Crump Station Police Precinct and Central Gardens Security Patrol/Phelps.

      • Maintains on-going relationship with Phelps, Crump Station Police Precinct and Midtown Security Committee.

      • Helps promote October National Night Out on streets & block parties.

    • Landmarks

      • Responsible for addressing issues related to the neighborhood’s architectural heritage and design guidelines, the Memphis Landmarks Commission and compliance with current City of Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development and Construction Guidelines.

      • Chair attends monthly Memphis Landmarks Commission Meetings to represent CGA.

      • Primary committee that maintains the architectural integrity of our neighborhood.

    • Midtown Relationships

      • Create a yearly plan to build stronger relationships with organizations and entities that share common goals within the Midtown area.

      • Develop a liaison with key schools in the CGA footprint, support these schools throughout the year.

      • Represent CGA with key associations, which could include, but not limited to, Overton Park Alliance, other neighborhood associations/communities, Medical District, adjacent businesses, and others as identified.

    • Endowment

      • Responsible for securing 1-2 Preservation/Arts Sponsors at $5,000 each, or grants/bequests from individuals who want to support the neighborhood. Our budget includes minimally 1 - $5,000 Preservation Sponsor, and last year we received a $10,000 bequest from Nancy Willis. Historically, pre-Covid, CGA had a key alliance with Ballet Memphis who supported the Association/Home Tour with a $5,000 donation.



    This pillar is tasked with organizing and developing communications for the association within the neighborhood and outside of the neighborhood. This includes promoting all events and sharing community information relevant to Central Gardens. Kathy Ferguson Chair

    Efforts are coordinated by committee, and utilization of CGA style guide to ensure consistency of message and design to promote and safeguard the Central Gardens brand. Key roles are E-News, Social Media and website. Pillars/Executive Team/Committee Chairs work with Communication Committee to execute their specific needs.

    Primary strategic function of the Communications Committee is to support the vision, mission and goals set forth by President and Executive Committee. We will also support each pillar/committee with their communication deliverables to:

    • Increase participation both volunteerism and attendance at ALL CGA events as well as neighbor driven events

    • Increase support of CGA Membership Campaign to help increase year over year membership numbers.

    • Support Safety Committee by promoting Phelps to increase number of subscribers

    • Build awareness of all CGA activities and successes.

    • Utilize surveys/focus groups to gage resident and stakeholder attitudes

    • Utilize the following tools to achieve these goals:

    • Newsletter

      • Produces monthly e-news, supporting CGA events, promoting the neighborhood

      • Readership assessment guides/e-news content surveys to guide editorial content

    • Social Media

      • Support Facebook, Instagram and other emerging platforms to support communication efforts

    • Website

    Promotion & Timely Updates

    • Printed Materials

      • Execute when needed, yard signs & banners, printed brochures – Membership, Phelps, Other to support Pillar/Committee Needs


    • Sponsorships & Endorsements

    Responsible for securing funding for all annual events. This is an expense reduction strategy to offset expenses with incoming revenue. Primary events that secure sponsorships include: Annual Meeting, July 4th Celebration, Home Tour & Party and President’s Circle Party


    Membership & Engagement

    This pillar is tasked with running the annual membership campaign, recruiting volunteers and monitoring board engagement and retention. Barrie Simpson - Chair

    • Membership

      • Major generator of revenue to fund Central Gardens activities.

      • Oversees the annual Membership Plan, working with Project Manager/Communications Committee (4 e-news blasts, direct mail campaign, Annual Meeting push, Communications Plan.)

      • Executes Fall/Spring New Neighbor Receptions as well as New Neighbor Welcome Program to promote Membership, Board recruitment, Committee participation, Safety/Phelps participation.

      • Supports Membership at major CGA events – July 4th, Home Tour, Annual Meeting.

      • Promotes President’s Circle Program with 1-2 President’s Circle focused activities, and emphasis at Annual Meeting, New Neighbor Receptions, E-News focus.

    • Volunteerism

      • Newly formed committee intent on finding volunteers for key committees (Arboretum, Safety), 1-time events (Alley Clean-Up, Wreath Hanging…), major events (Home Tour, July 4th, Dinner in the Garden). 

      • Committee needs representation from each of the 3 designated neighborhoods, 1, 2, and 3 to create awareness of committee to neighborhoods and begin 1 on 1 recruiting. The eyes & ears of Central Gardens Association.

      • Goal is to have 1 individual at all CGA events recruiting individuals attending events to help with future events.

      • Follow-up with individuals filling out volunteer forms on the web site in a timely manner. Link up volunteer with committee chair and follow-up to insure the link has been made. 

    • Member Onboarding & Retainment

      • Collaborate with Executive Team/Communications Committee to execute Annual New Board Member Orientation & Board Retreat

      • Do an annual in-depth new board member orientation program including: Strategic Vision & Plans, History, By-Laws, Communication Overview, Financial Overview, Committee Review, Admin Review & Board Commitments. 

      • Implement an Annual Board Retreat to network, assess previous year, make updates as needed to strategic plan, by-laws, organization review. Goal is to take temperature of organization and make necessary changes to keep board engaged/invigorated.



    Standing Committees

    • Finance

      • Responsible for gathering committee input and developing/executing/implementing/monitoring annual budget.

      • Works with Project Manager to pay all CGA bills in a timely manner.

      • Manages outside accounting firm, publishes monthly financial updates for board meetings, files taxes.

    • Legal

      • Responsible for advising board and taking legal action in response to issues affecting the neighborhood.

      • Advises/aids in updating/revising CGA by-laws on an as needed basis.