Officers (2022-23)

Ben Graham, President 

Kate Sullivan, Vice President 

Sharon Shipley, Treasurer

Sheila Noone, Secretary

District One, North of Peabody

Amy Worrell Sterling

Leigh Martin

Aaron Klimek

Wendy Cornjeo

District Two, Peabody South to Harbert

June James

Gary Burcl

Steve Redding

Eric Turner

Frank Armstrong

District Three, South of Harbert

Cynthia Saatkamp

Heather Grosvenor

Kat Schwartz

Ginger Collier

Jana Larson

At Large

Josh Cunningham   

Zach Pretzer

Marty Ferguson

Strat Parott

David da Ponte Cooper

Ex Officio

Shelly Rainwater President 2020-21

Mark Fleisher, President 2019-20

Kathy Ferguson, President 2017-2018

Barrie Simpson, President 2014-15


To contact the board of directors, email [email protected] If you would like to contact a specific member, please email and we will put you in touch.

Click here for a listing of the past presidents of CGA.