Safety & Central Gardens Patrol

There is a lot that goes into making our neighborhood a safe place to live, but the most important factor is looking out for one another. However, we need help keeping an eye on the entire neighborhood 24/7 which is why we have a patrolling guard service. This service is the neighborhood eyes and ears, and their presence is an active deterrent especially to petty crime and vandalism.

This is not a “nice to have '' convenience. This is a crime prevention tool. Taking away opportunities for petty theft makes our neighborhood less of a target for people seeking to commit these types of crimes.

You may ask. ‘Why do we have to pay for a patrolling guard service when we pay taxes to fund the police?” The police department is here to serve and protect but they mostly respond to reported crimes. The police force is just not big enough to patrol every part of the city with enough frequency to be an actual deterrent to crime. So, the guard service we pay for is to help prevent and deter crime in our neighborhood.

Central Gardens Patrol operated by Phelps Security provides 7 days a week, 24-hour guard service. There are additional benefits for those Central Gardens neighbors who choose to subscribe including:

  • Emergency response to your alarm system

  • Vacation checks of your property

  • Mail and newspaper collection when you are away

  • Babysitter checks

  • Random patrols and property checks

  • Yard sign to indicate you are a subscriber

  • Personal escort to your car to your home whenever you ask

  • Package theft deterent


If you would like more information about subscribing to Phelps, please fill out the form here or contact Jennifer Phelps directly by calling (901) 365-9728. Please mention Central Gardens Patrol.



Helpful Contacts

Memphis Police Department: (901) 545-COPS (2677)

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