Sidewalk Repair 

Sidewalks are a vital asset for Central Gardens and neighbors value the walkability of our community. The city is responsible for curbs, gutters, and corner wheelchair ramps – but homeowners are required to keep sidewalks around their properties in good repair and free of obstacles.

A block-by-block survey completed by the Central Gardens Association in 2017 found 85% of the neighborhood's sidewalk required some type of maintenance. A sidewalk subcommittee was formed under Greenspaces and Infrastructure and spearheaded efforts to help guide homeowners making repairs.

Between 2018 and 2020, the subcommittee worked with concrete contractors to secure bulk discounts and replace portions of sidewalks on multiple properties at once. A total of 72 homeowners participated in the program, investing $138,000 to keep our sidewalks safe and passable.

Homeowners should arrange for repairs if their sidewalks have become uneven, uprooted or otherwise damaged. A contractor is required to hold a Cement Workers Bond when pulling a permit from the City of Memphis, which ensures the work is performed to local specifications. CGA has worked most recently with Baltz and Sons Concrete, though other contractors are available.

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