Central Gardens Association has identified several key projects in conjunction with our strategic plan that require funding to be secured prior to completion. These projects are important pieces of a plan to ensure the neighborhood's preservation and historic status. Your gift to these projects is not only critical but also tax-deductible. 

National Register Recertification ($10,000)

Central Gardens has been awarded a competitive matching grant from the Federal Historic Preservation Fund to update the now out-of-date original historic district survey and nomination. Originally listed in 1982, many neighborhood properties have since been updated, demolished, or newly constructed. National Register guidelines suggest that historic districts be resurveyed every 10 years, so this updated nomination and property inventory is extremely important, as it will reflect the past 38 years of change and continue to serve as an important resource to our community. If you're interested in more information or volunteering, please email [email protected] or help us meet our match by contributing to the Central Gardens Historic District Resurvey Fund today!

Light Up the Alleys ($31,500)

A well-lighted and well-maintained alley can help curb crime. Central Gardens currently has 21 alleys, many of which lack functioning lighting. Through careful research of each one, our partners determined that adding just 15 motion-sensing floodlights to each section would be a sufficient deterrent to would-be criminals. Email [email protected] for more information or click below to help light up the alleys. 


Artisan Tile Replacement  

Central Gardens originally had beautiful tile street names embedded in the sidewalks at each corner—a total of 560 locations across the neighborhood. While only a few remain today, the Central Gardens Association has sourced a manufacturer that can reproduce and install the artisan tiles as they were originally intended, once we reach funding for their required minimum order. The cost of each street sign and the number of signs needed is listed below. You may donate to the project or to any specific street by indicating the name in the notes section on donation form. Email [email protected] for more information or click below to help restore this part of our history. 


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